About Us

Our Advantages

Our Mission

To be the preferred choice in the region for premium, affordable, safe and sustainable single-frozen seafood, supported by the highest standards of service.

The Single-Frozen Truth

Our single-frozen seafood is remarkably close to seafood consumed the day it is caught. This is because we only select products that are harvested at peak season, carefully processed at source and then immediately frozen  all within a few hours of leaving the water  to the highest international standards of quality control.

Several scientific studies have concluded that frozen fish products offer excellent quality, and often better quality than fresh fish. When fish is frozen while it is completely fresh, maintaining quality control checks, it will maintain its nutritional peak, locking in the vitamins and minerals. Fresh fish will gradually decline during its shelf-life.


Supply Chain

Our clients are particular about tracing where our seafood comes from, and so are we. Where is our seafood harvested, when and by who; these are questions essential to delivering the highest-quality seafood to our clients.

Built over years of trust and professionalism, our extensive and dedicated supply chain enables a consistent supply of high-end and value-added seafood products with complete traceability. Our collaborative strength also extends to suppliers who uphold the highest standards in processing, packaging and distribution. Further, our many years of partnership has helped them understand our business and market needs that ensures timely supply of our premium product lines.

Our expansive MSC certified supply chain spans four continents with Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, United States and Vietnam among some of our key supplier markets.

To enable and enhance our supply chain efficiencies, we have established consolidation hubs in Vietnam and United States.

Market Knowledge

The cultural and economic dynamics of our region are ever-evolving, but then, so are we. Our decades of industry expertise and in-depth market knowledge helps us provide customised solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Keeping in mind the needs and demands of our clients, we have moved up the value chain in providing solutions on sizing and portioning of key products, resulting in more efficient preparation time. Ultimately, it's all about ensuring freshness from production to consumption - every single time.

All our products are registered and comply with the strict guidelines and import regulations of the UAE, GCC and the larger Middle East region. We are equally mindful of cultural sensitivities and hence, we ensure all our products are pork / pork protein free.

Our storage facilities (cold, chilled, dry) are maintained to the highest standards to ensure the quality and hygiene of our product lines. These are compliant with the Food Safety regulations of Dubai Municipality and other government authorities.



We take sustainability very seriously, and collaborate with those who align with our principles. Our suppliers strictly adhere to all international and local government regulations when it comes to fishing and harvesting.

We place a high value on long-term survival of the species, well-being of the environment and eco system and the resulting welfare of local communities.

Product Range

What you see as a product range is a labour of love for us. That's because it has taken careful attention to detail and years of relationship building to present a range of frozen and chilled seafood as comprehensive and premium as ours.

All our products are sourced, harvested and processed to the highest food safety standards & practices before they are carefully packaged and shipped, preserving their original freshness.

In response to the growing needs of our clients, we have diversified our portfolio to include a select range of chilled seafood and grocery products.